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Fans of professional wrestling are probably aware of the current feud brewing between Irish wrestler Becky Lynch and former MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, which is meant to build anticipation for their potential match-up at Wrestlemania 35. But only those fans on Twitter will be aware of the recent, unexpected inclusion of director Tommy Wiseau in this feud. Yesterday, while the two wrestlers traded barbs on social media, Wiseau took the opportunity to volunteer for a role in the WWE organization.


It doesn’t seem like Lynch was intending to offer Wiseau a job but was instead using a photoshopped still from The Disaster Artist to poke fun at Rousey, playing off the oft-repeated “I did not hit her!” line from The Room. But Tommy Wiseau is not one to pass up an opportunity to get in front of a crowd. Also, according to ScreenRant, he’s currently seeking funding for his new big shark movie, appropriately titled Big Shark, so this could be a great bit of publicity for the director.

We’re not sure what the Venn diagram of wrestling fans and fans of The Room looks like, but if we were WWE writers, we’d be hard at work figuring out a way to get Wiseau in the ring, wearing a tuxedo, playing catch with his buddy Mark. Just watch out for Denny’s heel turn.

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