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Tommy Wiseau explains why The Room is just like Citizen Kane

“I strongly recommend this movie because it have everything in it, from love to the hatred—it’s the same like The Room.” That’s Tommy Wiseau, comparing his schlock underground hit to Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane in the first installment of the new Tommy Explains It All web series, just the latest iteration of Wiseau’s second-wind career as a self-aware comedian. For those already exhausted by Wiseau’s enervating embrace of being intentionally awful, well, the video won’t offer anything the past couple of years of sketch comedy collaborations and bizarre marketing ploys haven’t already driven into the ground. But for those who still find Wiseau’s (actual or affected) mix of ineptitude and egomania amusing or charming, here he is attempting to draw parallels between Welles’ early masterpiece and his own most famous work. Along the way you also get a story about Wiseau’s early days in film school, making his first movie, and by the end he actually ends up on Mars. Yep, it’s a Tommy Wiseau video.


Episode 1: Citizen Kane from Tommy Explains It All on Vimeo.

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