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Sometimes, things happen on the internet that are so weird or singular that you can’t really say anything about them other than “well, here it is.” This is one of those things. Courtesy of YouTube channel Octopie and created by Brock LaBorde, this is the “pilot” for an animated series called SpaceWorld that features Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero from The Room has intergalactic bounty hunter rivals, with Wiseau playing the Han Solo-esque TX and Sestero playing a monstrous robot dude named Dorgol. It’s sort of like the new season of Archer, but if you just put Tommy Wiseau in a recording booth and had him make up shit and then animated different characters around him so that his lines made some kind of sense. There are lot of scenes where characters walk in, establish their name and goal, and then Wiseau mumbles some wild nonsense that they pretend is totally normal. That being said, one of the characters is a shark in a metal suit who acts as TX’s lawyer, which is very good.


And, well, here it is.

[via Deadline]

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