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Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Alba join the latest Jason Statham sequel

Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Yeoh, and Jessica Alba are joining the latest outing in a murder-fueled Jason Statham action franchise. No, not the one where he kills people with cars. Or massive explosions. Or the one where he has to run around killing gangsters so that he can recover his own stolen heart. This latest Statham-sequel is a follow-up to 2011’s The Mechanic, which saw the British action star sardonically growl his way through the role of an assassin who specializes in murders that look like accidents (albeit accidents that involve a lot of head-kicking and complicated gunplay).

Mechanic: Resurrection is being directed by Dennis Gansel, and will focus on Statham’s character, Bullets Gunpunch (a.k.a. Arthur Bishop), as he seeks to kill some of the world’s most dangerous men. There’s no word yet on what roles Jones, Yeoh, and Alba will be playing in the film, although we’d love to see Jones stretch himself and play a steely-eyed sarcastic mentor type for once.


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