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Second only to umlauts, the members of Mötley Crüe love the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Pretty much all of their most famous songs are about it, and their drug-fueled and alcoholic escapades—and subsequent brushes with the law—are as much a part of the band’s legacy as its music. But that sort of hard-partying schedule takes a toll on both body and mind. One could even say it’s like riding an out-of-control roller coaster, which brings us to an incident that took place at Mötley Crüe’s (purported) final show at LA’s Staples Center on New Year’s Eve:

True, the steel roller coaster on which drummer Tommy Lee performed high above the undoubtedly aging, presumably Jack Daniels-soaked crowd probably isn’t as thrilling as consuming whiskey intravenously. But it is equally inescapable, as two crew members are forced to climb up and free Lee from the malfunctioning contraption/poignant metaphor for addiction as he banters with the crowd. “Well, fucking show me your titties or something, I don’t know,” Lee says. “I wanna see the girl titties, the man titties, I don’t give a fuck.” Oh, and they call that thing the Crüecifly. If that’s not an argument against naming things when you’re drunk, what is?


[via Vulture]