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Tomi Lahren “banned permanently” from TheBlaze, report claims

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Hope Tomi Lahren has a firm grip on her designer bootstraps, because the controversy-courting conservative talking head—who’s made a career out of insulting feminists, Black Lives Matter activists, immigrants, refugees, millennials, and basically everyone but the old white men who (used to) employ her—has been “banned permanently” from her job at Glenn Beck’s right-wing media outlet TheBlaze, according to a report in Page Six.


The stated reason for Lahren’s firing, as we elaborated upon last week, was her pro-choice comments on The View, where she said, in part, “stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.” Apparently, Beck saw this as an opportunity to assert his conservative bona fides amidst plummeting traffic—TheBlaze dropped from 29 million monthly visitors to 8.8 million between 2014 and 2017, according to Page Six—by punishing Lahren for calling pro-life conservatives “hypocrites.” Takes one to know one, we guess, because not only did Lahren refer to pro-choice activists as “baby killers” three weeks after a New York Times article said she “is pro-choice and does not object to gay marriage,” but she’s also a supporter of Donald Trump, who is by no means the libertarian Lahren professes herself to be.

Hopefully Tomi doesn’t need any unemployment benefits or—Trump forbid—food stamps during her jobless period, because then she’d become part of the victim-industrial complex that’s ruining America. As Tomi herself said on the One America Network back in 2014, “you can’t move forward in life if you’re playing the victim card and not taking responsibility.” Now pull yourself up, Tomi! Pull!