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Tom Tom Club to release its first new material in 12 years

Tom Tom Club, the Talking Heads offshoot featuring Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, will release its first new material in 12 years this September. The Downtown Rockers EP will hit digital retailers Sept. 4 and physical stores a week later.

Weymouth told Rolling Stone that the EP is an ode to CBGB, the New York City club the band considers to be its “incubator.” It was one of the first places Talking Heads played, just two months after Weymouth actually got an amp in 1975, an experience she called “intimidating” (a feeling that was no doubt compounded by the club’s notoriously disgusting bathrooms).


In an interview with Consequence Of Sound last year, Frantz said that going forward, Tom Tom Club is much more apt to release EPs than LPs, saying that he doesn’t “dig the pressure of a whole new album.”

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