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Tom Sizemore is crowdfunding a movie about a baseball card heist

Like Zach Braff and James Franco before him, Tom Sizemore has taken to crowdfunding to finance his latest movie, An Honest Crime. Written by Sizemore’s brother Aaron, An Honest Crime will revolve around three small-time thieves from Detroit who plot to steal a valuable baseball card collection from a local pawnbroker. If those stakes seem a little low, don’t worry—the Heat and Saving Private Ryan actor is here to reassure you in a conversational, off-the-cuff Indiegogo video. “Everything goes awry. Total mayhem ensues. It’s a trip,” Sizemore assures potential donors who aren’t sure lunch with Tom Sizemore is worth $2,000. “Let’s make this movie. We can.”

Sizemore has set a goal of $500,000, far short of the $2 million Braff set for his own passion project, but well above what many people are probably willing to pay for this kind of thing. To its credit, An Honest Crime promises to feature less hipster ennui and more car chases than Wish I Was Here, so it’s got that going for it. Sizemore will star in and produce the movie, and Danny Trejo is on hand to costar, presumably as some sort of badass.

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