In an interview with MTV, Tom Selleck confirmed that Steve Guttenberg wasn’t just being Steve Guttenberg when he rambled about the guaranteed “smash hit” that would be another Three Men And A Baby sequel. According to Selleck, Disney checked his availability—along with Ted Danson’s and Guttenberg’s (just to be nice)—and let him know that a script had indeed been written, finally answering all the questions left dangling by 1990’s Three Men And A Little Lady, which we think ended in a bloody four-way Mexican standoff. It’s been a while. Selleck was quoted as saying it’s “tentatively called Three Men And A Bride, which kind of says it all [about the story].”

Indeed. In fact, couldn’t we all just pretend like we’ve already seen it? Because it feels like we have. And it was great, guys—lots of heart and humor, and a fitting way to wrap things up. The way you made it seem like Mary’s wedding might not happen after all but then, through a series of comic interventions, it suddenly did; those heartbreaking scenes where it’s revealed that Tom Selleck is no longer married to Nancy Travis, then a last-minute reconciliation, followed by the revelation that she’s pregnant again; that awesome reprise of the Three Men singing “Goodnight, Sweetheart” to their all-grown-up Little Lady at the wedding reception—smiles, tears, applause. Thanks, we got it.