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Tom Scharpling says The Best Show is coming back in November

Illustration for article titled Tom Scharpling says iThe Best Show /iis coming back in November

Tom Scharpling, Gary The Squirrel, Philly Boy Roy, and all the wacky residents of Newbridge are coming back. Almost exactly a year after he announced the show was ending, Scharpling announced the return of The Best Show this morning on Twitter. And while details are still sketchy, fans can take solace in the fact that Scharpling says the show will return in November, in some form. Scharpling says the show’s old WFMU format will pretty much remain intact, with AP Mike running the board, listeners phoning in, and Jon Wurster appearing as various eccentric characters. But where that show will live—Online? On the radio? On a progressive and weird television channel that just airs eccentric audio?—isn’t clear just yet.


In honor of the show’s 14th anniversary, Scharpling also posted a new Sound Collage, which fans can use to tide themselves over for the next couple of weeks.

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