We know our commenting community loves nothing more than people paying attention to it, so what about when the host of a super-popular radio show does? That’s what Tom Scharpling, host of the beloved Best Show On WFMU, did at the end of this week’s episode. We know our comments have flummoxed the host before, but apparently the ones in Sean O’Neal’s newswire about Fred Armisen posing as Ira Glass took it to a new level.

“These dudes, they got their own rhythm going in that place,” Scharpling said. “It’s like a Preston Sturges movie. These guys, wise-crackin’ it at 90 miles an hour.”

Scharpling then proceeded to read some of his favorite comments from the article, which he punctuated with a slide whistle. Check it out below—it all starts around the 2:59:40 mark.

In other Scharpling news, check back next Thursday, when Nathan Rabin does a Bestcasts with him and Jon Wurster.