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Tom Holland and the Russo brothers to trade web-slinging for PTSD and bank robbing

Photo: Rebeca Figueiredo Amorim (Getty Images for Sony)

The Russo brothers first introduced Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to the world three years ago in Captain America: Civil War. Now, it seems the directors and star have found a new interest, and it’s less about spandex costumes and shooting webs, and more about doing lots of opioids and committing crimes.

All of these activities will still be fictionalized on the big screen, of course, lest you think success has led the three of them to start making really bad choices. Variety reports the trio is set to direct and star in an adaptation of Cherry, the autobiographical 2018 novel by Nico Walker. The screenplay comes from Jessica Goldberg, creator and exec producer of the Hulu series The Path who is already collaborating with the brothers for an adaptation of the novel Exit West for their studio AGBO. This will mark the first non-Marvel-related project Joe and Anthony Russo have helmed since a couple episodes of Community back in 2014.


The true story follows Walker as he develops intense and undiagnosed PTSD thanks to his stint as an army medic in Iraq, and who returns home and begins a serious heroin addiction, which he then funds via the lucrative but highly dangerous method of robbing banks—an astounding 10 of them in four months before he was caught. Holland is set to star as Walker, who went to jail in 2011 and is scheduled for release in 2020—meaning he’ll probably be out in time to see his life story unfold onscreen, as production isn’t set to begin until this summer.

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