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Tom Hiddleston to star in King Kong origin story Skull Island

Tom Hiddleston clearly has a thing for getting attacked by enormous monsters. Apparently, getting repeatedly slammed into the ground by the Hulk and haunted by a malevolent force wasn’t enough: Variety reports that his latest endeavor in extreme masochism will involve starring in Skull Island, the previously announced King Kong origin story” that focuses on the monster’s mysterious home. Much as fellow Marvel superheroes can’t seem to stay away from Hiddleston, so too the man himself is drawn, irresistibly, to the mighty beasts of the film world.

Contrary to earlier reports, Attack The Block director Joe Cornish will not be helming Skull Island. Instead, Legendary Pictures has handed over directing duties to Jordan Vogt-Roberts, a TV director whose only feature film credit is 2013’s The Kings Of Summer. (This also seems to suggest he may no longer be directing that Metal Gear Solid adaptation. Does it need a new director? Joe Cornish might be available.)


The screenplay has been given a first draft by Max Borenstein, who also wrote this year’s Godzilla, and therefore presumably knows something about both giant beasts and blockbuster mayhem. Though neither of those things are as important as delivering Hiddleston’s contractually mandated vicious beating from the biggest, toughest creature he can find.

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