At the risk of always being typecast as evil-yet-charming Norse gods, The Avengers’ Tom Hiddleston will be playing country music star Hank Williams in an upcoming indie biopic titled I Saw The Light. This comes via Variety, which reports that the film—which is based on a 1994 Hank Williams biography—will be directed by longtime producer Marc Abraham.

Williams is best known for writing a number of country music staples, from “Hey, Good Lookin” and “Your Cheatin’ Heart” to lesser-known classics like “I’m so mad at The Avengers I could cry.”  The producers of I Saw The Light have avoided making this a Jackie Jormp-Jomp situation by securing the rights to a number of Williams’ songs, including the one about the time he got smashed by The Hulk over and over again. Hiddleston will also be performing the songs in the movie himself, just in case anyone out there forgot how much more talented he is than they are.


After fighting with alcoholism and a pill addiction, Williams died in 1953 at the age of 29. That’s an important detail about his life, but it’s probably not important enough to merit inclusion in any Hank Williams fan-fiction that Hiddleston fans are now going to start writing. Also, please feel free to post your own Hank Williams fan-fiction in the comments. Maybe have him go on some adventures with Thor.