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Tom Hiddleston is Netflix's White Stork

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Photo: Jesse Grant (Getty Images for Disney)

Forget Tom Hiddleston being Loki, there’s a new name we’ll all know him by soon: White Stork. Not only is it kind of funny, because it sounds like you’re calling him a “dork” (which seems fair, given the fact that he’s spent the last decade dressing up like the nerdiest guy at the Renaissance fair), but it’s also the name of a 10-part political thriller that Hiddleston will be starring in for Netflix. Hiddleston will play a British politician named James Cooper whose dark and terrifying secrets are uncovered by a woman tasked with vetting his viability as a candidate—putting his personal life and political career in jeopardy. As The Hollywood Reporter puts it, White Stork is a “political thriller about the paradox of truth in a post-truth world.” That sounds a little dry, but it is a political thriller and not a superhero movie.


The series, which was previously in development at AMC (where Hiddleston won a Golden Globe for his role in The Night Manager), is being produced by the team behind Netflix’s Sex Education.

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