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Tom Hiddleston drops by local news station to give the Thor-cast

Chicago has endured some lousy Smarch weather for most of the last month, but the dreary conditions were made a bit more bearable when Tom Hiddleston broke the news of impending thunderstorms to residents the other night. Hiddleston, who’s promoting I Saw The Light, broke from his Hank Williams character to step back into the Loki role he’s inhabited in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to give Fox 32 viewers the Thor-cast.

Hiddleston-as-Loki blamed his brother Thor for the inclement weather, because the towering blonde is the god of thunder after all. It wasn’t quite the punderstorm that British meteorologist Sian Welby unleashed last week, but Hiddleston did give a titillating description of Chris Hemsworth driving his hammer into the ground. Their cinematic sibling rivalry will be on display one last time in Thor: Ragnarok, as Hiddleston recently stated he’ll soon be hanging up his horns for good.


[via Collider]

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