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Tom Hardy to stay filthy, as Taboo gets a second season

Taboo (Photo: FX)

FX just can’t gotten enough of distractingly filthy Tom Hardy, apparently, announcing today that it’s granting a second season to the actor’s grime-covered historical drama Taboo. Produced by Ridley Scott, Steven Knight, Hardy, and his dad (the delightfully named Chips Hardy), the series tracks the stumbling, violent rise of would-be shipping magnate James Delaney, as he faces off against foes like the East India Company and the British Crown to secure his father’s legacy.

Although it received middling reviews from critics—including our own—Taboo has been a strong performer for the network. According to the press release attached to the announcement, the “dark, dirty brute of a drama” brought in an average of 5.8 million viewers a week during its eight-episode first season. Scott praised FX and the BBC for their support of the show, expressing his excitement at seeing more adventures from “the devil Delaney and the league of the damned.”


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