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Tom Hardy singlehandedly captures moped thief in London

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Tom Hardy hasn’t exactly built a career off playing lawful good characters, but the Taboo and Fury Road star does like to engage in heroics in his spare time. According to The Independent, Hardy foiled a moped theft on the streets of London, not far from his own home. Apparently, the two thieves—who don’t sound like they are very good at this life of crime thing—crashed the very moped they were trying to steal. That’s when they ran afoul of Hardy, who chased after one of them when he realized what was going on.

A bystander watched as the actor ”went off like a shot in pursuit and looked furious,” and nabbed one of the moped thieves. The witness also described Hardy as switching into “superhero mode,” possibly because they haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises. In any case, Hardy’s spokesperson declined to comment on this purported “citizen’s arrest,” but it does seem to check out—the bystander related to the press that Hardy declared he’d “caught the c-nt” after giving pursuit.


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