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Illustration for article titled Tom Hardy picked to co-star alongside goggles in emSplinter Cell/em movie

Although it is still in the process of creeping toward a studio very, very slowly through the shadows, Ubisoft's big-screen adaptation of Splinter Cell is also moving quickly to secure a writer and actor, thus ensuring that it will probably be spotted and have to start this damn mission all over again. The Tom Clancy-written game about ass-kicking secret operative Sam Fisher—who is as skilled with a pair of night-vision goggles as he is with another pair of night-vision goggles—now has Tom Hardy attached to be the one partially obscured by said night-vision goggles, finally rewarding the part of his face that was hidden in The Dark Knight Rises with its very own spotlight. News of Hardy's participation arrives alongside confirmation of the script being handed to American Bullshit writer Eric Warren Singer, who will be tasked with devising all the bickering buddy-cop dialogue between Hardy and his goggles, until they finally learn to work together.


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