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Tom Hardy fields tough questions from a bunch of actual children

Tom Hardy is currently on a press tour for Venom, a movie about a violent, toothy comic book character who is creepy to some, deeply erotic to others. Naturally, the best way to interview him in relation to this film, which does not seem suitable for children, is to have a bunch of children ask him questions.


This unorthodox approach, adopted by BBC Radio 1, can be witnessed through a clip where an unflinching Hardy faces down an array of hard-hitting queries. Admire his stoicism as the kids launch a volley that includes questions like “How did you get in the TV?,” (“There’s a little door ‘round the back”) “What snack would you be?” (“It wouldn’t be meaty ... I’m too, sort of, sinewy”), and “Do you like goldfish more than humans?” To this last one, he answers, “All sentient beings are important,” and deserve love unless “it attacks you. In which case, lovingly see it off with a big stick.”

Throughout, Hardy maintains a relentless charm offensive, responding to the questions with good humor and parental reminders not to follow his advice too closely. For instance, despite his profession as a man who got into the TV through a door on its back, kids should not risk electrocution by following suit.

A far cry from his more recent image as Venom’s oily monster-man, this version of Hardy is friendly and likable. Of course, that’s the same impression he’s somehow pulling off in China, even with the yellow fangs and snake-like tongue on full display.

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