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Tom Hardy dismisses rumors that we won't see the symbiote until the end of Venom

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Early glimpses of Ruben Fleischer and Sony’s Venom movie have focused on Tom Hardy as a pre-Symbiote-fused Eddie Brock, who only wrestles with demons in his handsome journalist form. The ferocious fusion is one of the notable elements missing in this Spider-Man spin-off (the other being our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler). Speculation abounds as to the lack of Spidey and the symbiote, with one theory that Venom won’t make his appearance until the end of his debut solo film gaining enough traction to warrant Hardy’s dismissal.

The Dunkirk actor made a terse statement via Instagram over the weekend, waving off rumors that we won’t see him in full, alien costume until the end of the film (if at all).


Hardy says those “myths” are “asinine,” and lack “credible intel.” It wouldn’t be the first time a fan theory didn’t pan out, but Sony still might want to release the full trailer soon.

[via CinemaBlend]

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