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Tom Hardy and the director of The Killing are teaming up for a new event series


Everyone’s favorite Mad Max who hasn’t gone on a racist, anti-Semitic tirade, Tom Hardy, is coming to television, and bringing Danish director Kristoffer Nyholm (The Killing) with him. According to Variety, Nyholm has signed on to direct the first half of Taboo, an “eight-part event series” (or what used to be called a miniseries in the ’70s and ’80s) that stars Tom Hardy as a 19th-century Londoner who divides his time between building a shipping empire and avenging his father’s death. It is uncertain how Nyholm plans to obscure Hardy’s face and voice in this particular outing.

Nyholm directed the original version of The Killing. a.k.a. the one you told everyone you preferred to the AMC remake although you never actually watched either of them. Taboo, was developed by Tom Hardy and his dad, Chips; this will be the first project from the Hardy Son & Baker banner. (“The Hardy Boys” was already taken.) The series is being penned by Steven Knight, who wrote the screenplay for and directed Locke; that particular film featured Tom Hardy talking on a cell phone in a car for 85 minutes, proving that Hardy is capable of talking in a normal voice.


Taboo will premiere in 2016 on FX.

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