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One thing that Tom Hanks loves, besides typewriters, is a good Dave Eggers novel, garland with freewheeling sentences that go on for days. Presumably, he also likes seeing those sentences clipped into matter-of-fact screenplay prose, as the actor is now attached to a second adaptation of an Eggers novel after recently completing work on A Hologram For The King.


Deadline reports that Hanks is now set to star in and produce an adaptation of Eggers’ novel The Circle, which focuses on a woman who joins a powerful Internet company that unifies people’s online identities by linking their personal emails, social media, banking, and purchasing activities within a universal operating system. James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) has written the script and will direct. Once The Circle is out of the way, we’ll see if Hanks returns to Eggers’ oeuvre for thirds—except he can’t star in You Shall Know Our Velocity because Daniel Radcliffe has called dibs. Or Hanks might just attach himself to a few more adaptations of Dan Brown novels, which are easier to make because they already read like screenplays.

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