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Tom Hanks loves Storage Wars

This week the Nerdist podcast wrangled a white whale of a guest: Tom Hanks. Chris Hardwick and company landed the star by sending him a vintage typewriter, which Hanks accepted with an adorable note because he’s the best. The podcast proves Hanks’ greatness in spades, but the highlight—though it’s all pretty great—is when Hanks goes on at length about the reality shows he watches. He likes Deadliest Catch and Mythbusters because of course he does, but he adores Storage Wars. Listen to the podcast to hear Hanks wax rhapsodic about Brandi and Jarrod’s marriage, marvel at Barry’s people skills, and do his best Darrell Sheets impression. He even threatens to start showing up at storage auctions just to outbid Dave Hester. A&E, please, make this happen.

Listen to the episode over at The A.V. Club’s podcast page. The reality TV talk starts around 60:40.


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