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Tom Hanks fights a submarine, feeds his World War II addiction in the Greyhound trailer

As part of his lifelong cultivation of wholesome “dad” hobbies, Tom Hanks’ affection for World War II stories is pretty much legendary. It’s quite possible that no father figure on the planet has spent more time or money on telling and re-telling the stories of the Greatest Generation than Hanks, having produced or starred in Saving Private Ryan, Band Of Brothers, The Pacific, and the upcoming Masters Of The Air, plus god knows how many dinner-time anecdotes about Stalingrad or the Battle Of The Bulge or what have you. We can now add Aaron Schneider’s Greyhound to the mix, which sees the A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood star play a ship captain—another T-Hanks favorite—attempting to keep his ships safe from German submarine attacks in the early days of American involvement in World War II.

From the trailer, this is Hanks in pure flinty-eyed, emotionally repressed military man mode; even while declaring his undying love for wife Elisabeth Shue, Hanks’ Lieutenant Commander Krause still sounds like he’s reciting the statistics of his favorite typewriter. Things pick up a bit on the seas, though, although it’s always tricky to tell, at a distance, how well the cat and mouse game of submarine vs. ship combat is going to play out on the screen. (Cue many switches being switched with the maximum amount of drama, and a whole lot of staring intently at bleeping and blooping screens.)

Greyhound sails into theaters on June 12.

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