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Surprise, Tom Hanks, the face of both Hollywood cordiality and coronavirus recovery, is being nice and inspiring again. After a recovery period that included games of gin rummy, memorials for late Fountains Of Wayne singer Adam Schlesinger, and an SNL hosting gig, Hanks is doing the lord’s work by lifting the spirits of an Australian lad who’s been bulled for sharing a name with the virus that’s making all of our lives hell right now.


Corona De Vries, an 8-year old from Queensland, first reached out to Hanks, penning a letter that asked if he and Wilson were doing “ok” after catching the virus while filming in Australia. He added that he’s “sad and angry” after kids at his school mocked his name as it related to the crisis.

Hanks replied, pointing out the inherent beauty of the boy’s name. “You know, you are the only person I’ve ever known to have the name Corona—like the ring around the sun, a crown,” he wrote.


He wrote the letter on one of his many, many, many typewriters, and even included a Corona brand model along with the letter. Perhaps Corona can write a “fuck you” note on it and tape it to the bullies’ lockers once school is back in session.

Or he could, as Hanks recommend, use it to become pen pals with the Oscar-winning actor. “I thought this typewriter would suit you,” reads Hanks’ letter, which was displayed on a Channel 7 news report. “Ask a grown up how it works. And use it to write me back.” Yeah, that’s probably healthier.

He added, nodding towards his role as Toy Story’s Woody: “P.S. You got a friend in ME!”

Whatta guy. 

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