Captain Phillips / Saving Private Ryan

Cementing his role as America’s puttering, typewriter-tinkering dad, Tom Hanks has announced yet another project combining his love of piloting big vehicles and expressing the stoic heroism of the second World War. Deadline is reporting that Hanks has written a script for Greyhound, a nautical drama about an untested U.S. Navy officer given command of a destroyer in Word War II.

In the interest of maintaining a healthy level of skepticism, we should probably note that the last time Hanks wrote his own script, he ended up making the utterly forgettable Larry Crowne. But that was also a self-directed project, whereas Greyhound has managed to lure in Aaron Schneider, helmer of the interesting Robert Duvall vehicle Get Low, to direct. Meanwhile, Hanks hasn’t been formally attached to star, but given that his partner Gary Goetzman is producing, and the current success of Clint Eastwood’s Sully—reportedly flying high at the box office, unbedeviled by wayward birds—it sounds like the Tom Hanks Heroically Pilots Things genre still has some diesel left to burn.