Jimmy Fallon isn’t the only late-night host to feature delightful musical interludes with famous guests. Jonathan Ross has proven adept at creating an entertaining talk show for over a decade in the UK, on BBC and now ITV. The fifth series of The Jonathan Ross Show kicked off with Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, promoting Captain Phillips and Gravity, respectively. Ross even had a surprise in store for Hanks, unveiling a walking piano on the set, because it has now been a staggering 25 years since Big. And like the consummate charmer he is, Hanks can still bust out a bit of the FAO Schwartz routine from the film, in addition to fooling around to create the illusion of walking piano mastery. To top it all off, Sandra Bullock joined him—in heels, mind you—to play a little “Chopsticks” duet.