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Tom Hanks and Bill Murray will be David Letterman’s final Late Show guests

The Late Show

David Letterman is wrapping up his storied run as a late-night host next week, an occasion that is too big to be contained in a single farewell event. Instead, Letterman and CBS are going to do three nights of big-name guests, a special musical performance, and (most likely) some heartfelt messages of appreciation. The goodbyes will start on Monday, May 18, with Tom Hanks doing his lovable Tom Hanks-y thing and Eddie Vedder (of Eddie Vedder And The Pearl Jams) sitting in with Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra for some kind of special performance. According to The Wrap, this will be Hanks’ 60th time guesting on one of Letterman’s shows (going back to Late Night in the ’80s).

On Tuesday, May 19, Bill Murray will grace Letterman’s stage for the 44th time, presumably while wearing a funny outfit. The Wrap also points out that Murray was the first guest on both Letterman’s Late Night and The Late Show. The final episode—which will air on Wednesday, May 20—will be “an hour filled with surprises, memorable highlights, the show’s final Top Ten List, and more.” Then, as soon as it’s over and we’ve all finished expressing our love for David Letterman, we can officially start getting hyped for Stephen Colbert to take over The Late Showwhich will happen on September 8.


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