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Tom Felton joins The Flash, probably won’t play a magical bully

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Felton will be joining the cast of The Flash next season as a series regular. He’ll supposedly be playing a guy named Julian Dorn who works as a CSI at the Central City Police Department—which means he’ll probably be working right alongside the Flash himself, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen. On top of that, the THR story adds that Felton’s character “suspects there’s more to Barry Allen than just his good guy reputation,” which sounds like a pretty solid suspicion to us.

That’s all we know about this Julian Dorn guy, but there is a slight chance that something more mysterious is going on here. For one thing, there is no Julian Dorn in the normal DC Comics universe, which means it could be a fake name—after all, why cast the kid who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies if he’s not going to play someone from the comics? Second, Gustin himself announced on Twitter that the next season of The Flash is going to tackle the Flashpoint storyline, which was all about the repercussions of the Flash traveling through time and changing history. That means we don’t really know what the world of The Flash will look like when she show comes back for its third season, so Julian Dorn’s backstory could be fake or it could mean something other than what we think it means. Finally, to add a third layer to this, Gustin also suggested that Felton’s character is someone worth being excited about, which also points to him being more than just a new co-worker.


Basically, Tom Felton is going to be on The Flash a lot next season, and because of time travel, we don’t really know what that means yet.

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