It’s been months since Tom DeLonge quit Blink-182—or since Blink-182 dumped DeLonge, depending on who you believe—and though he briefly resurfaced to talk shit about the band and audition for the new X-Files, DeLonge has returned to announce an new creative endeavor: He co-wrote a novel with bestselling author Suzanne Young (The Program) that’s called—wait for it—Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares. According to a press release, the book is about two teenage brothers whose parents were killed in “a horrific plane crash.” At some point after that, “unseen forces wreck their lives in every possible way,” leaving the older of the two brothers in a coma. The younger one then has to “fight for both of their lives against enemies from a dark nightworld.”

Once again (because we love saying it), the name of the book is Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares, which connects it to an award-winning short film that DeLonge wrote and directed in 2014 called “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.” His non-Blink band, Angels & Airwaves, also put out an album called Dream Walker that tied in with the film, and DeLonge also co-writes a Poet Anderson series of comic books. So this book is really just one facet of a whole big thing, and though a lot of people claim that their upcoming book/album/whatever is part of an elaborate multimedia scheme, it seems like DeLonge is actually putting his Poet Anderson where his mouth is.

Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares (you must refer to it by the full title) will be in stores on October 6. You can see the book’s confusing cover below (it’s not titled Tom Delonge …Of Nightmares Poet Anderson, despite what the cover says), and get ready for a generation of Blink-182 fans to name their kids “Poet.”