The Tom Cruise movie in which he battles aliens—no, not that one—has undergone a name change: All You Need Is Kill will now be known as Edge Of Tomorrow, a switch seemingly prompted by the realization that, when squaring off against aliens, kill is but one of many things you need, in addition to clear cognition, a giant robot suit, and maybe a snack for later. It’s also possible All You Need Is Kill was regarded as simply too unique, its ability to be clearly differentiated from the likes of Oblivion threatening to expose its artifice as but one of several fictional movies to any—let’s say for argument’s and religion’s sake—alien observers who might be monitoring his efforts, rather than part of a very real ongoing campaign for mankind’s survival. With this far more generic title implemented, the fact that Oblivion and Edge Of Tomorrow is supposed to be entertainment will escape alien detection, creating one, gray, indistinguishable blur with the upcoming Our Name Is Adam and Yukikaze—no doubt soon to be renamed Eve Of Destruction (Of Aliens) and Armageddon Sick Of All These Aliens. And we will all be freer for it.