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Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher falls short of sequel goal

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Though it was conceived as a new action franchise in which Tom Cruise could go on bludgeoning people with his self-satisfaction for years to come, the future of Jack Reacher: Still Reachin’ seems to be in doubt, owing to the fact that everyone doubts Jack Reacher at their peril, as well as its middling box-office performance. The adaptation of Lee Child’s popular pulp series has earned around $153 million to date—a respectable number for its $60 million budget to be sure, but well short of the $250 million that Paramount has reportedly set as the benchmark to justify mounting a sequel. To achieve that goal, as The Hollywood Reporter notes, the film will have to rely heavily on Asian markets, where it’s still yet to open in Japan, China, and Korea. Possibly fortuitously, Japan, Chinese, and Korean audiences should have less of a problem buying Tom Cruise as a huge, hulking drifter.


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