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Tom Cruise wants to fly those Top Gun jets, Tom Cruise says

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While Tom Cruise's attentions are currently focused on destroying the last lingering shred of "cool" associated with rock 'n' roll, he recently took time out from the Bataan Death March that is the Rock Of Ages publicity campaign to confirm he's still looking to peg a somber coda on another '80s power ballad—namely, Top Gun. Cruise offered scant new details on the long-rumored sequel to the film in which America defeats the Russians with wicked guitar solos, basically, but he did confirm to MTV that he, director Tony Scott, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are "working on it," and that he does hope to return to the role of young hotshot pilot Maverick, who would still be at least one of those things. "It would be fun getting into those jets. I want to fly those jets!" Cruise added, the power of his actualization skills accidentally scrambling a fleet of F-16s piloted by Cruise's sheer force of will, until they had to be shot down over Denver. Meanwhile, MTV also spoke to Cruise's heterosexual volleyball rival Val Kilmer, who let it be known that he would also be up for returning for a sequel, saying, "I'd have to get a haircut." "Yes… a haircut," Val Kilmer's agents replied meekly.


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