Although it came up noticeably, and some would say comedically short, Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher managed to tower over its critics and just-okay U.S. box office by using the forced perspective of foreign markets. And so, thanks to faraway nations where all Americans are believable as hot-tempered, hulking giants, another Jack Reacher movie is already moving quickly toward production. Jack Reacher: Reach Up 2 The Streets may or may not actually be titled Never Go Back, based as it is on this year’s addition to Lee Child’s Reacher canon, which finds the ex-military man on a cross-country run with a female commanding officer, while trying to evade “trumped-up charges” and dealing with the claim that he fathered a child. But it will definitely have Tom Cruise, who remains enthusiastic about developing the action franchise where Tom Cruise is coolly unflappable, but without spy stuff or aliens.