While at this point the Top Gun sequel probably only exists in Val Kilmer's very vivid hallucinations, Tom Cruise is still interested in returning to one of his vehicular-based successes, with the Days Of Thunder star planning to revisit the world of auto racing in the upcoming Go Like Hell. Based on A.J. Baime's 2009 nonfiction bestseller, the movie will tell the story of Henry Ford II's determination to take on Ferrari and prove an American automaker could make an elite sports car. Cruise will play racer-turned-designer Carroll Shelby, who built a racer that took on Ferarri at Le Mans in 1966.

An adaptation of the book has been in the works nearly since the ink dried on the manuscript, with Brad Pitt in talks to star back in 2009. Cruise intends to make the film as soon as he's done with Mission Impossible 5: Back To Tha Hood.