Having reentered the public’s good graces thanks to 50 pounds of identity-obscuring latex and body hair, Tom Cruise seems dedicated to wringing every last lingering bit of novelty from his two-year-old Tropic Thunder character, telling E! he’s now “working on” a film based on foulmouthed producer Les Grossman. Cruise most recently reprised the role for last night’s MTV Movie Awards, during which he screamed at various Twilight stars via pre-taped segments before finally emerging for a Jennifer Lopez-assisted dance number that singlehandedly restored their respective cultural relevance, if today’s reviews are to be believed. As of now, of course, this falls under “idle backstage chatter,” as there’s no indication from anyone other than Cruise—specifically Ben Stiller, who created the character in the first place—that such a project is in development. But if public interest in a Les Grossman movie could be measured in "Katie Holmes smiles," well, we’d all be lining up today.