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Tom Cruise’s next Mission: Impossible will come in July 2018

(Photo: Paramount)

The world stills spins and thus Ethan Hunt will go on another adventure come summer 2018. Paramount has dated the next Mission: Impossible movie—that would be the sixth in the franchise—for July 27 of that year. The follow-up to Rogue Nation is set to be helmed by that movie’s director, Christopher McQuarrie. Meanwhile, Paramount has also put a film of a slightly different nature on its schedule. Alexander Payne’s next project, Downsizing, will come out December 22, 2017. It probably won’t feature Tom Cruise hanging off the side of an aircraft, but it will star Matt Damon as a man who literally shrinks. Kristen Wiig will play his character’s wife.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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