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Tom Cruise has found his man for Mission: Impossible 5

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Handing Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol to Brad Bird may have reenergized the franchise, but these days there is only one man who excites Tom Cruise in an absolutely professional, non-libelous way: Christopher McQuarrie, whose work on the screenplays for Valkyrie, M:I-4, All You Need Is Kill, and the recently scrapped Top Gun 2, and his directing on the upcoming Jack Reacher have made him Cruise's go-to guy whenever he needs someone to make him feel complete. In the movies. Movies like Mission: Impossible 5 — Ellipsis Contingency… March Madness Bracket [Baylor Vs. Xavier 75>70], which Cruise and producer J.J. Abrams are close to handing over to McQuarrie to direct, though the final decision won't be made until writers—writers besides McQuarrie, apparently—are hired to draft a screenplay. While this may be disappointing news for those who hoped Bird would return (or potentially intriguing news for those who hope this means Bird's schedule will have room for possibly taking over Star Wars), it's obvious that any man who can transform Tom Cruise into a hulking, 6-foot-5, 250-pound drifter is more than up to the task of dangling him off a few skyscrapers.


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