When last we considered the prospect of a continuation of True Lies, the primordial ooze from which so many secret sexy spy projects have crawled over the eons, it was as a James Cameron-produced drama series for ABC—a story that was quickly followed by rumors that the baton would be passed to John Cena, the professional wrestler turned wrestler-who-stars-in-movies-sometimes-and-also-has-a-rap-album. Although a pilot was reportedly ordered, it’s been some time since we’ve heard an update, creating a vacuum which original True Lies costar Tom Arnold can now fill with rumors that he will be starring in an actual True Lies 2 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, now that the latter is done with his undercover mission posing as California’s governor so as to ferret out a drug dealer.

According to the lesser Arnold, he and Schwarzenegger have already read a script from White Collar creator Jeff Eastin and Cameron that is “really great”—so great that he believes that Schwarzenegger may choose to do it as his first return-to-acting project, never mind Schwarzenegger’s recent intimations about transitioning to quieter, more thoughtful fare befitting his lion-in-winter status. As of now, of course, this True Lies sequel is no closer to reality than any of the other rumored True Lies sequels over the years, so Arnold adds, “I’m supposed to remain cool about this.” Good luck with that.