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Tolkien nerd Stephen Colbert gets stumped by Ryan Gosling’s mom

Stephen Colbert was joined by Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe on the Late Show last night, where they talked about The Nice Guys and their newly-forged friendship. It wasn’t all pleasantries, though, as Gosling and Crowe playfully bickered a bit. Then Gosling threw down the Lord Of The Rings gauntlet, on behalf of his mother. Apparently, Mother Gosling was not a fan of The Colbert Report persona, but came around to the late-night host when she realized they shared a love of J.R.R. Tolkien. So she sent a question via Gosling, which left the avowed Tolkien nerd speechless.

The question pertains to The Fellowship Of The Ring, specifically the part where said adventuring contingent attempts to take a short cut through Moria. Colbert is asked on which page the archway on the rockface appears, and he’s unable to answer, probably because it’s kind of a trick question (isn’t it?). Still, we’d like to congratulate Donna Gosling on stumping Colbert, even by questionable means, and besting James Franco, who lost the Tolkien showdown. Maybe she can be a guest on Mom On Pop.


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