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Toho is making a new Godzilla movie to stomp on American Godzilla movies

Ten years after Godzilla: Final Wars lumbered back into the ocean, Japan’s Toho Studios is preparing a svelte new Godzilla movie that will crush all those other Godzilla movies like a balsa-wood model of Tokyo. “The time has come for Japan to make a film that will not lose to Hollywood,” producer Taichi Ueda tells Variety, tacitly noting the irony of Japan having to reclaim from America a metaphor for the nuclear bomb that America dropped on Japan.

To accomplish its goal, Toho has assembled a team of studio executives, directors, and presumably badly dubbed scientists that calls itself the Godzilla Strategic Conference, or Godzi-Con. Besides pointing and staring upwards in horror, Godzi-Con will be responsible for rebooting the Godzilla brand and preparing a new Godzilla movie that will film in 2015 for a 2016 release, two years before Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla 2 is set to hit theaters. While it’s in the business of sticking it to Hollywood, might we suggest Godzi-Con bring back Toho’s version of Frankenstein’s Monster as well? Everybody else is doing it.


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