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Together at last: Thomas The Tank Engine’s theme and DMX’s “Where My Dogs At?”

Illustration for article titled Together at last: iThomas The Tank Engine/i’s theme and DMX’s “Where My Dogs At?”

Few programs can claim less of an impact on hip-hop than the British children’s series Thomas The Tank Engine, and few songs have been less suited for a rap makeover than the show’s jaunty, ragtime theme music. That incongruity, however, hasn’t stopped an overflowing community of Redditors from mashing up the Thomas theme with classic rap tracks this winter.


In a testament to the Internet’s ability to beat a joke that doesn’t make much sense so far into the ground that it becomes funny in spite of itself, Reddit’s Thomas The Dank Engine thread has collected hundreds of remixes of the little locomotive that could, with highlights including Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But A G Train,” DMX’s “Where My Tracks At?” and Biggie’s “Rail Road Funk.” For the romantics, there’s Beyonce’s “Crazy In Chug,” and for those who prefer a little rock mixed in with their nursery-room mash ups, there’s Korn’s “Freak On An Engine Train.” Somehow nobody’s offered Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools (Chug)” yet, but we’re guessing that could change by the end of the week. [via The Daily Dot]

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