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Todd Solondz to have a Love Child with Penélope Cruz and Edgar Ramírez

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage/Fotonoticias/)

According to Deadline, Penélope Cruz and Edgar Ramírez have signed on to star in Love Child, a new film from Wiener Dog and Welcome To The Dollhouse director Todd Solondz. Billed as a “dark and hilarious twist on the classic Oedipal theme,” the movie is about an 11-year-old boy with an “inappropriate obsession” with his mom who comes up with a scheme to try to kill his abusive dad so he can get more attention from his mom. Also, he convinces a “handsome man” named Nacho to fall in love with his mom so he can frame that man for killing his father, which sounds dark and hilarious.

Assuming Cruz plays the mom, Ramírez will probably play the abusive father or the handsome man named Nacho. It doesn’t sound like the kid has been cast yet, but Jacob Tremblay is probably waiting by his phone.


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