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Todd Phillips gets the Duplass Brothers to write his weed-smuggling movie for him

The unstoppable force of Todd Phillips' kerrazy action-comedy contrivances will meet the immovable object of the Duplass Brothers' low-key, rambling inertia in Mule, the first of several projects Phillips recently locked down over at Warner Bros. thanks to his printing Hangover money. Mark and Jay Duplass have been hired to draft the screenplay based on Tony D'Souza's timely recession-era tale of a twentysomething couple who resort to smuggling marijuana—because of the job market American Dream underwater mortgage Occupy Obama and so forth—with Phillips expected to direct. So in a way, it's like the Duplass Brothers are smuggling their own dazing product into Hollywood under the cover of an audience-friendly Todd Phillips movie. Or, maybe it's that a sympathetic couple are potentially being corrupted by the promise of easy money? Or maybe everyone involved just likes weed. Choose your own thematically appropriate metaphor.

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