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Todd Phillips confirms that Joker will be R-rated, so it must be pretty fucking funny

Screenshot: YouTube

Director Todd Phillips’ Joker movie looked pretty dark in its first trailer (in a cool and grimy way, not an in-your-face Hot Topic way like some other movie with the Joker), but Dread Central is reporting that on Instagram this weekend he revealed that it’s actually going to be pretty fucking goddamn dark by confirming that it will have an R-rating. That means, unlike those superhero movies for kids, like… Shazam! and the ‘60s Batman movie, this one will be a mature take on a comic book character. Phillips only said that “it will be rated R” and that a lot of people have been asking him about it but he “just assumed people know,” so it doesn’t really tell us much about the content of Joker, but we can make some assumptions.


For one thing, it’ll probably have violence. That’s fairly unavoidable in a Joker story that emphasizes his work in organized crime (as opposed to his work poisoning reservoirs, which doesn’t really have that visual pop), but it’s good to know that Joker won’t be dramatically cutting away every time the Clown Prince Of Crime gets stabby like The Dark Knight. We can also look forward to some bad motherfucking language and maybe even a bit of sexual content—though the aforementioned griminess of the trailer doesn’t make that seem very appealing.

Anyway, it’s just a shame that we didn’t get to see an R-rated Joker in the Suicide Squad movie, because then Jared Leto could’ve had some real fucking damaged forehead tattoos.


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