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Todd Margaret will return to make more poor decisions on IFC in January

Fans of IFC’s The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret know the previous season ended with David Cross’ Todd Margaret painting himself into the type of corner that wrapped the show up definitively, if not neatly. If you’re not a fan, then you probably don’t care if we tell you that Margaret ended the season—and the entire world—with nuclear Armageddon.

But while Thunder Muscle’s compulsively fabricating head of marketing can’t be relied upon to get anything right, he does appear to be quite resilient (you’d have to be hardy to have Will Arnett as your abusive boss). Despite having literally destroyed the world, Margaret apparently survives to make poor decisions for another season; last year we reported that IFC vowed the show would be back, and would depict the fallout of Margaret’s actions. But now we have a definitive start date of January 7, initiating a countdown until we once again squirm in our seats as Margaret stacks lie upon preposterous lie, getting himself in over his head while trying to please everybody.


30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer will join a returning cast that includes Arnett, Blake Harrison, Sharon Horgan, Amber Tamblyn, and Russ Tamblyn. Though many familiar faces are returning, don’t expect everything to be the same: in a statement, IFC promises that the cast would “return to the series playing familiar characters… with a twist… fans will meet a very different Todd as the creators guide them on a journey where nothing is what it seems.”

Based on the not-so-subtle cues, it sounds as if the cast will either be subsisting on Nuka-Cola out in the wastelands, or they’ll be crossing the River Styx together. Considering how he fared across the pond the past two seasons, we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Todd Margaret discovers that Hell looks a lot like a London delicatessen.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret returns to IFC on January 7, 2016.

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