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Today's Trailer Happy Hour turns Mr. Mercedes into a psychic battle of wills

Photo: Mr. Mercedes (AT&T Audience Network)

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where we track the rise and fall of pop culture properties, as expressed entirely in moody clips that feature various rock and pop songs being played in a happier or more depressing fashion than what you normally hear. Today we’ve got face tentacles, mind-controlling serial killers, and time-traveling dental work, so let’s dive right in.

First up, we’ve got the return of Audience Network’s Stephen King thriller Mr. Mercedes, which looks to be getting a little more traditionally King-y the second time around. Rather than adapting the second book of King’s Bill Hodges trilogy of detective novels, the show’s second season will skip right to the plot of the third book, which sees comatose serial killer Brady Hartsfield develop some nifty brain-controlling mental powers. Brendan Gleason and Harry Treadaway will both be back to face off for a second round on August 22.


Meanwhile, over in Outlander, Jaime and Claire are making their way Stateside, setting up shop in the New World for the Starz show’s fourth season. Not that it seems any less violent on this side of the Atlantic, though, especially when we’ve got teeth-based prophetic warnings from the future to keep everybody on edge. Outlander’s back for its fourth season in November.

Finally, we’ve got a creepy little treat from the world of games, with a new, face-tentacle-filled trailer for The Sinking City. Combining everyone’s favorite Lovecraftian monstrosity’s with the classic “worms crawling under your skin” phobia, it’s a thoroughly gross little offering from Frogwares, the studio responsible for a number of consistently entertaining Sherlock Holmes games. Have fun trying to get the image of this dude wrestling with the tentacle-worm shoving its way out of his own fucking eye out of your head for the rest of your evening, friends!


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