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Today's Trailer Happy Hour has true friendships, genocide, and lots of kidnapping

Screenshot: YouTube

Welcome to Trailer Happy Hour, big frosty mug that we pull out of the freezer and fill with all of the hoppiest new movie and TV show trailers of the day. Today we’re teasing Black Earth Rising, Netflix’s The Kindergarten Teacher, Arizona, What Men Want, Five Fingers For Marseilles, and Green Book.

Black Earth Rising is an eight-part BBC drama about a woman who was saved from the Rwandan genocide and now works as an investigator for a guy played by John Goodman. The story is about her getting swept up in some kind of nefarious conspiracy when she and John Goodman try to prosecute an African militia leader. It looks intense!

You may have heard about this The Kindergarten Teacher trailer from all of the people saying “whoa, what the fuck?” after they saw it for the first time. It stars Maggie Gyllenhaal as a woman who develops a creepy obsession with a young student, and it definitely looks fucked up. It comes out on October 12.

Speaking of fucked up, Danny McBride’s character in this trailer for Arizona seems pretty fucked up. He’s a man who got screwed in the housing crisis and now he’s out for revenge, but it seems a bit funnier than that description implies. That’s what happens when you cast Danny McBride as a kidnapper/murderer. Arizona opens on August 24.


Hey, here’s that gender-swapped remake of What Women Want that you asked for. What’s that? You didn’t ask for this? Well, at least it looks a lot smarter than the original with Mel Gibson did. Plus, this one has big-name cameos! Mark Cuban! Shaq! Big Head from Silicon Valley!


Our own Katie Rife gave Five Fingers For Marseilles a B+ at the Fantasia Film Festival, comparing it to a spaghetti Western with “an eye toward scale and epic grandeur.” That all comes through in this rad trailer, which packs in as much critical acclaim as possible just so you know this South African drama is a big deal. It opens in U.S. theaters on September 7.


Green Book, which is “based on a true friendship” and comes from Peter Farrelly, stars Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali as two very different guys on a road trip to the South in 1960s America. It looks like one of those feel-good dramas where everybody learns something about themselves and becomes a better person. It’ll be in theaters on November 21.


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