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It’s time for a special Sunday brunch edition of Trailer Happy Hour, the semi-regular feature where we blend all of the hottest teasers into a colorful cocktail—but now with some eggs, ham, and a little bowl of indeterminate melon chunks. You might not want to go as hard as you normally would with a Trailer Happy Hour, but at least you can check out these previews for My Memory Of Us, An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn, and The Hunt For The Trump Tapes.

First up is My Memory Of Us, a game about a pair of Jewish children living in Nazi-occupied Poland—more or less. Evil robots replace the actual Nazis, but it’s a clear metaphor. Anyway, the game will feature the vocal talents of everybody’s favorite space captain, Patrick Stewart. The game will be available on October 9.


Here’s a trailer for An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn, a movie that looks… a little weird. It’s directed by Jim Hosking and looks like some kind of weirdo, madcap heist romp with Aubrey Plaza, Jemaine Clement, Craig Robinson, and Emile Hirsch. Remember when he attacked a woman at Sundance and choked her until she blacked out? The movie he’s in will be in theaters on October 19.


At this point, it seems unlikely that any one thing will topple Donald Trump’s regime, but we’re not going to stop Tom Arnold from trying to unearth every single incriminating video of Trump saying or doing something awful. That’s his mission for the new Viceland series The Hunt For The Trump Tapes, and this new trailer certainly makes it look like he’s going to go to some impressive lengths to try and achieve his goal. It premieres on September 18 on Viceland.


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